What Are You Going Do On 12-12-12?

By | December 12, 2012

Today is, as I’m sure even the average Tea Party voter knows, 12-12-12.

And that means it’s not only one of the very special days that roles around once a century, like 8-8-8 (which is lucky in Chinese culture, and they started the Olympics on that day) or 6-6-6 (a marketing ploy to release The Omen remake on) or 7-7-7 (a regular day in Las Vegas, where people lost their shirts, but it’s also the last of the special days.

Real quick for those of you that are part of Sarah Palin’s family: there are only twelve months in a year, so since there is no 13th month (and thank god for that, if you’re a superstitious type) that means that December 12th, 2012 is the last of the very special days.

So if you procrastinated on getting married during 10-10-10 or Veteran’s Day, 2011, saying “Don’t worry honey, we’ve got until 12-12-12,” get off your ass already! In fact, it brings up the interesting question of what we should all be doing today since it is likely to be last of the very special days in our lifetimes. [But I’m so young! At least let me get to January 1 2101! Three centuries isn’t so much to ask for, is it?]

How do you celebrate a mathematical factoid or calendar quirk? Are dates like this lucky or do we just want to assign luck to anything unusual? And what would you do to celebrate it?

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