Trump=Treason, so it’s OK to Hope he Fails

By | July 1, 2018

While defending Bill Maher’s recession comments–Trump’s policies make a recession inevitable, so why not sooner vs. December 2020?–AL explains that since Trump is committing treason (and not in the usual conspiracy theory “Neocons are for New World Order” or “Obama’s a Muslim” way), it’s okay to root against him.

He also pushes back hard against the notion that “if Trump succeeds, America succeeds” since his success is no longer the same as America’s because the things he wants (troops out of South Korea, Russia admitted back to the G7, prioritizing Chinese spying giant ZTE over America’s intelligence agencies) aren’t what’s good for America. And I finish out by countering the notion that good things can’t come out of a recession, since America routinely turns to Democrats (FDR, Clinton, Obama) and embraces new things after Republicans create a recession–which they have done with every President since James Garfield.

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