Trump is Shocked There is No Popular Support for Him to Steal the Election

By | December 1, 2020

“Do Trump voters support Trump stealing the election?”

Some of them would, but not the majority of the entire 73 million—which is already not the majority of the country.

You’d have a President who lost the popular vote by over 6 million people then stealing the election outright, being supported by a fraction of the fraction that supported him.

I think Trump has been surprised at how little popular support there has been for him to steal this election. He’s never met with this much Republican resistance on anything, and I believe he expected the state-level Republicans to just mindlessly go along with him and refuse to certify results, pick him over Biden anyway, or turn out “undiscovered bags” of Trump ballots during recounts.

especially believe he really expected his cult to show up across the country and start whipping everyone into a frenzy—perhaps full blown parades and protests of millions all across the nation. As you can see, that has NOT happened.

Sure, there’s about a million or so people on Quora or Twitter bitching and complaining non-stop, but the majority of the people that voted for him are ready to turn the page, and you can see them quietly doing this.

In a month, they’ve gone from “We MUST have Trump to save America! Biden will ruin us!” to…”So, who’s your 2024 candidate?”

In another few months, they’ll start the whispers: “Well, Trump was always a Democratanyway” same as they have for W. Bush, who they loved fanatically only a few years back.

He threw a “Million MAGA march” and couldn’t get 50K people to show up. This is only two weeks after 73 million voted for him, and at least a few million of that was in neighboring states like Virginia, Maryland, or North Carolina who easily could’ve made the drive to the MAGA march but just didn’t want to.

This is what I always predicted would happen: Trump would lose, try his best to steal it, but there would be very little popular support since CoVid and the flat-lining economy has just about killed true enthusiasm for Trump.

Every week he keeps this going, that becomes a little bit more true.

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