To Celebrate “Obama Day,” Check Out Alabama Liberal’s New T-Shirts

By | April 4, 2012

When I say “Obama Day” in that headline, I don’t mean his birthday or inauguration day—-although those are certainly great too—-but today, April the 4th, which on the calendar is 4.4, same as his Presidential number: 44.

So come on and help celebrate the 44th president (as well as contribute to his re-election fund) by taking a look at the new Alabama Liberal t-shirts on the right hand side of the main page. You’ll see an ad for a t-shirt company, and a link to designs to four all new shirts ranging from pro-Obama shirts, to anti-Afghanistan shirts, to a very basic Alabama Liberal shirt that’s simpler but also cheaper.

All of the designs are ones I came up with myself, have a copyright on, and really hope you enjoy. After an initial batch are sold—-which I will use to pay for this year’s site fees—-I will be donating most profits to various political campaigns in this crucial election year, so please give consideration to buying one, and even make suggestions of whose campaigns I should look at in the comments section. Obviously, some will go to Obama’s re-election, but I’d also like to spread it out among senate or congressional races that will be close for the Democrats and an extra cash infusion would help. [Note: Although the designs are set, the color of the shirts is not, so feel free to play around with your size, color, and cut until you find exactly what you want…available in men’s and women’s fit.]

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