Time to Celebrate the Ending of Super-Tuesday and My (Mostly) Right Picks

By | March 1, 2016

Pop the champagne, pour the tequila, uncork the wine, and celebrate folks! Super Tuesday is over, and now the endless obsessing about it can die down, and a few of the weaker candidates can slowly drift off to die peacefully, not unlike the weakest of the buffalo herd.

Although it perhaps says something about the egos of the men involved that it’s doubtful any of them will. So far, the attitudes of the Bernies (of the Sanders variety) and the Bens (of the Carson variety) of the world seems to be “Well, I have the money to stay in this race, so I’m going to bleed this thing dry.”

Great attitude to have, although it must be said that for a guy like Bernie who sure hates fradulent Wall Street schemes and bogus investments, he sure doesn’t seem to mind asking his followers to sink money into a campaign-to-nowhere. A good question that must be asked: if you’re asking working class people to continue fundraising for a campaign that can’t win, then isn’t that on the verge of becoming a ponzi scheme?

Anyway, I don’t want to get too bogged down into the questions of “Who should leave the race?” and “When should they do it?” [Cough, Bernie, cough, yesterday, cough.] I just want to celebrate a big win for Hillary, and look at some of my predictions and how they turned out…

If you go back a few days ago and look at—you guessed it—an article titled “Super Tuesday Predictions” you’ll see that I was right-on, and actually not technically wrong about any state. I said “Will Definitely Win” for all of Trump and Hillary’s big wins. And I said they would “probably” win Oklahoma, not that either of them definitely would.

And I even admitted that Rubio had his best shot at winning Minnesota, as did Sanders for any state that wasn’t Vermont. Even Ted Cruz’s shocking win of Oklahoma wasn’t too shocking as I said he “could” win Oklahoma, and I felt at least somewhat confident he’d manage to hang on to his home state of Texas. I even said Bernie “could” win Colorado and Oklahoma, and knew he sunk a ton of money into trying to win all the white states (but couldn’t close the deal in Massachuttes). [It really says something about him that he didn’t even attempt states where Democratic primary voters are significantly black, and how serious he is about their issues, but that’s for another article.]

So I can technically say that nothing I said was too off-base, and I scored at least higher predictive powers than Karl Rove, who was flat-out wrong about Rubio taking several states. And getting to say “I was right, and Karl Rove was wrong” never gets old. Ahhh, it truly is a great night.

4 thoughts on “Time to Celebrate the Ending of Super-Tuesday and My (Mostly) Right Picks

  1. Mary

    You should be a political analyst. You have a way of explaining the political world. Wish more reporters had
    the same.

  2. Alabama Liberal Post author

    Thank you Mary, I do appreciate it.

  3. Tracie

    OMG! You are right on the money! WAY TO GO! You are doing better than the polls.

  4. Guadalupe A.

    Attitude has a great deal to do with wether you’d be a great candidate or not. Why waste money when you know you’re not going to win? Why not use it for something else, like charity.

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