This is why we support Joe Biden

By | March 6, 2020

Since the media seems baffled at why people love Joe Biden, I thought I would help them out and explain it…

Trump’s March 6th:

1. Wears tacky campaign garb during pandemic tour (what a branding opportunity!).

2. Goes out of his way to insult and cast paranoia on competent Gov. of state with highest cases, calling Jay Inslee a “snake” that he “doesn’t trust” and even chastising VP Mike Pence (leading the Coronavirus effort) for complimenting Inslee.

3. Says he didn’t know people still die from the flu.

4. Holds a press conference where he repeatedly interrupts medical professionals to say things that make no sense, and then compliments himself on “natural ability” referring to his understanding of medical jargon.

5. Banishes Chief of Staff to North Ireland.

…This is ONE day…

And the media is shocked at why people like Joe Biden. We like him because he is boring, because he is competent, because he is fundamentally a nice person, and because he does not have (or want) us glued to our televisions wondering what fresh horrors he will unleash each day.

Hell yes, people want “Sleepy Joe” and a return to normalcy. They are sick of this chaos. They want to go live their lives and not be disgusted or enraged by the President all the time.

This is why Biden is catching on and Bernie Sanders is fading. A “revolution” from Trump is a good, decent President who doesn’t need us to constantly watch him for things to get done.

To the media’s horror, people actually like the idea of a “slow cooker” President where you can “set it and forget it” and come back to it later and the house hasn’t burned down. They don’t understand this since Trump has been a bonanza for their ratings, and in many ways made them the center of the universe. “Did you hear what Trump did today? Better watch CNN to find out.” “Did you read Trump’s tweets? Buzzfeed has them in a listicle for you.” “Want to know exactly how bad what Trump just did was? Read this 15,000 word article on Vox to find out.”

Click, add, like, follow, share, retweet, repeat…and for what? The amount of time most of us have spent wondering, and fretting, and commenting, and psychoanalyzing Trump has been a big, fat waste of time. But they were happy because we were wasting on their sites, and let ads passively float past our eyeballs so they could monetize our discontent.

They don’t get it because they don’t really want change. Not really. [It’s a big part of the reason the media has been unnecessarily cruel towards Joe Biden and was so eager to throw dirt on his grave after Iowa/New Hampshire.]

A President that half the country hates and half the country loves (for wildly different reasons, you could say this about Bush and Obama too) is just fine with them. But “we the people”—who are so often overlooked and ignored by the feedback loop of elite media and their love of identical looking pundits who only talk to each other (Ezra Klein, Matt Welch, Chris Hayes)—are tired of this.

That’s why when Bernie Sanders talks about “revolution” and needing “a mass turnout” (that his own campaign doesn’t even seem interested in creating since their whole strategy was just to get 35% of the primary vote while the moderates divide the rest) and his slogan of “it’s not about me, it’s about us” it just sounds like exactly what Trump ran on. Trump also uses an ignorant Twitter mob to govern and bully the opposition in his own party into going along with whatever he says.

Bernie has even said his strategy is to “mobilize the people” but we’ve seen Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, the Women’s Marches, March for Our Lives, etc. march and protest and make signs and still get nothing past Mitch McConnell. His approach seems to be exactly what’s not working.

While real, true, far-reaching political power and expanding our base (rather than just calling it to action every 5 minutes) to older communities, rural communities, and communities who actually vote and vote consistently seems to be what Biden is offering. Truthfully, that’s more radical since Democrats have not really done it in decades.

Biden’s approach is not only likely to beat Donald Trump, but very, very possibly it’ll take back the senate (nearly every senator in a tough race wants and has endorsed Joe Biden). And at least two years of a Democratic President, House of Representatives, and Senate sounds a lot better to me–and nearly everyone voting–than Bernie Sanders enlisting us on another endless crusade that sees a lot of marching and not a lot of bills passing.

My feet are tired. My back is tired. My eyes are tired of seeing Trump every single day for 5 years straight. And they are not eager to listen to 4 years of Bernie Sanders complaining about everything that’s wrong, and how he’s being prevented from doing anything about it.

They are ready to elect a President, and do what is supposed to be done: delegate responsibility to the President to fix problems, and trust that they are a good person who wants to do that.

I know Joe Biden is that person. I know he can bring this country together, or at least wants to. And I know we are all ready for the vacation he will bring.

2 thoughts on “This is why we support Joe Biden

  1. Lacy

    Great article and “YES”, I think all of us are ready for normal. Trump needs to go.

  2. Alabama Libera

    You said it Lacy…People are worried that Joe isn’t “exciting enough” to inspire Democratic turnout, and yet we’re seeing RECORD turnout in several Democratic primary states on Super Tuesday. The prospect of Trump gone is exciting enough.

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