The Only Two Reasons People Will Vote for Trump

By | September 24, 2020

We’ve seen the countless social media threads basically asking people to “convince them” to vote for Joe Biden over Trump. It is–without exception–fake and just an excuse for Trump’s troll army to pretend to listen and argue the merits of any argument for Biden as if you had a real chance.

Trump is not fit to be President, and if people don’t get that by now, I’m not sure George Washington’s ghost could convince them. The people who are voting for Trump (mostly) cannot be convinced, and it’s more about Democratic turnout and especially how badly Trump will cheat his way into a second term. [I believe the ONLY way he will win a second term is if he cheats.]

But I already know the reasons people will be voting for Trump. There are only two of them…

First: Because you’re a dyed-in-the-wool conservative and will not vote for any Democrat ever…even though you won’t say this. 

People like this usually say things like “I’m not a Republican. I don’t belong to a party…it’s just that I exclusively vote Republican because Democrats are evil baby killers that refuse to wish me a Merry Christmas and want to give all my money to Mexicans and welfare bums. But I am not a partisan person really.” Even as they are so conservative, Sean Hannity would have a hard time being around them when he’s off camera, they might pretend that ANY Democrat has a shot at their vote…and of course they don’t. Jesus Christ could come back and say “I’m a Democratic Party member, please vote for me” and they wouldn’t do it. This is about 35% of America, and so Trump gets a huge amount of votes just from this group.

Second: Because you’re white and you have major cultural grievances. 

Trump has presented himself as the “Defender of White America” (a sort of anti-Captain America), and that’s the primary driver for why non-conservatives or swing voters support him. [Probably also the reason most conservatives do too.] To them, Democrats are anti-Christian, anti-men, anti-white (underline this and make it bold), anti-straight, anti-capitalist, anti-American, and are obsessed with making everyone a transgender Muslim Mexican city dweller who refuses to salute the flag, work a job, or recognize the authority of the police. To be 100% honest, Democrats could do better distinguishing between legal immigration (which is too difficult) and illegal immigration or just saying things like “taking a knee is a stupid way to protest police brutality, a brain-damaged ex-football player came up with that, NOT a Democratic Party politician.” But to let little things like Take a Knee or immigration or guns be the sole decider of your vote is just childish to me.

But those are—by far—the two biggest ones. I honestly don’t think that many people truly hate Joe Biden OR would’ve voted for literally any Democrat over him. Odds are extremely low that if you won’t vote for Biden, you would’ve voted for Warren, Harris, Buttigieg, etc. instead.

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