Stop Pretending Trump is Just “Exercising his Legal Options.” He Very Clearly Tried to Steal an Election

By | November 24, 2020

“What do Republicans think about Trump calling Michigan officials directly and inviting them to the White House?” “Oh, he’s just thanking them for doing such a good job with the election.”


It’s just one of two dozen examples where Trump is trying to steal this election, and his mindless horde pretend on as if he’s still just “exercising his legal options” or “wanting due process.”

Georgia finished a hand recount of ballots that still shows Biden with a 12,000 vote lead…But Trump has already asked for another fucking recount, even though they’ve counted the ballots, recounted them, and recounted them by hand.

By comparison, Al Gore never received a hand recount of ballots in Florida, and the Republicans fought like hell to stop it.

This is NOT about recounting the votes, and Trump knows he lost. And we know that because of what he’s done in Michigan—where he is not eligible for a recount because the vote isn’t close enough to justify one, just like Pennsylvania and Nevada.

He just wants as many close states as possible (PA, NV, MI, Wisconsin, Arizona, and of course Georgia) to keep from certifying their results at all so he can create enough chaos to have the electoral college throw out their state’s results and pick him anyway.

It is fucking disgusting, and it should make anyone sick regardless of their politics, but—of course—it isn’t, and we’ve got his cult once again practicing moral relativism with “well some Democrat did something bad as well, so it’s all basically the same.”

Hillary won the popular vote by 3 million people in 2016…But she lost three swing states by comparable margins to Trump.

She could’ve asked for recounts. She could’ve appealed directly to the electoral college to pick her anyway (as the clear winner of the popular vote, she certainly had cause to). Instead, she conceded the day after the election.

Trump is in a much worse position now since he’s CLEARLY lost the popular vote by 6 million people…

–BUT he has filed dozens of frivolous lawsuits

–Screamed the election is rigged on Twitter

–Says he won all the “legal” votes casting doubt that votes that weren’t for him even matter

–Spread false bullshit about the dead voting (the 96 year old woman Tucker Carlson cited is very much alive, they just had to knock on her door to find her)

–Forced recounts in specific counties (Wisconsin) instead of whole states, which means he doesn’t give a damn what the actual result of that state is

–Put pressure on Georgia SoS to disqualify votes

–Put pressure on Michigan’s board of elections not to certify their results

–Tried to get black votes in inner cities tossed out (Detroit)

–Is trying to get the electoral college to pick him anyway

–Tweeted non-stop lies and nonsense

–Was blocking Biden’s transition and access to security briefings for weeks after the election was called

–Has raised money hand over fist to “stop the steal” which will actually go to pay his campaign debts

–And—worst of all—fired his own cybersecurity and election security chief (Chris Krebs) merely for saying the election wasn’t rigged and there appeared to be no instance of voter fraud.

This is NOT normal, and I am tired of his cult once again refusing to say that. Just because Trump was not successful in actually stealing the election did not mean that wasn’t exactly what he was trying to do.

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