Red State Vs. Blue State: Brody Vs. a Ron Paul Supporter, Part One

By | January 10, 2012

Today, I resurrect this often neglected debate segment. [It is definitely harder to find people to debate me than it is for me to find movies to review, which is why this is stretched into two parts.] But the site has found someone always up for a good debate: a Ron Paul supporter. I’ve had more debates with them than all of the candidates combined and you can usually tell someone is a Ron Paul supporter because they won’t shut up and refuse to leave even after the debate is over. EVEN IF, they have said the same thing 15 times and seemingly only carry around five facts.

Brody, the Loudmouth Liberal: Hi, thanks for coming on.

Michael, the Ron Paul Supporter: Okay.

Brody: So by the time this debate runs, it’ll be the New Hampshire primary. How well do you think Ron Paul will do in it?

Michael: I’m not so much concerned with the horse race aspect of this election as I am the message of what Paul is saying and how he’s revolutionizing the process.

Brody: Uhhh…well I am a little concerned with the horse race aspect of the race, you know, the actual election part of an election. Call me crazy but I think people voting on their candidacies is the only reason any of the candidates are up there.

Michael: It’s not solely about that. Paul can “lose” and still win. If our message of individual liberty is getting–

Brody: Are you hedging your words because you think New Hampshire will be as disappointing as his showing in Iowa?

Michael: His showing in Iowa wasn’t disappointing.

Brody: I really didn’t think we would start lying this early–

Michael: I’m not lying. His showing was strong and our message is getting out there.

Brody: He placed third in a six person race, and many expected him to win the Iowa caucus.

Michael: I don’t know that WE expected to win. I think the media–

Brody: Here we go, always the fucking media. As if they make events rather than report them.

Michael: They do make events a lot of times, and this is no exception. The corporate run media choses which candidates are going to win by which candidates they cover. They’ve ignored Paul the whole race and now the very same media had it set up that Ron Paul would win so that when he didn’t, it was disappointing.

Brody: Or maybe it’s just legitimately disappointing.

Michael: They said that if Mitt Romney won, then he wins big. They also said that if Ron Paul won, then Mitt Romney wins big lol. They set up a situation where their puppet, Mitt Romney, couldn’t lose.

Brody: I know what you’re saying but the reason they said Mitt Romney won even if Ron Paul really did was because Paul is so extreme it would scare people into voting for Romney–

Michael: He’s not extreme. If you actually read the constitution he’s the most moderate–

Brody: I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. I think that’s a natural gag reflex when you people make everything about the constitution.

Michael: Everything is about the constitution in a Democracy’s race, or should be. It should be about what the constitution says and allows and the major problem is that we’ve gotten away from that.

Brody: I think most people might say unemployment and income inequality and outsourced jobs and small Middle Eastern wars that have cost big money might be more major problems.

Michael: You’re a Ron Paul supporter but don’t know it lol. You could just as easily have described our platform right there but the way to getting rid of all that is–

Brody: To cut taxes and throw all regulations and regulatory agencies in the garbage. I know, I know, I’ve read his “Austrian Economics” fetish.

Michael: The truth isn’t a fetish. Freedom–

Brody: Whenever I listen to Paul talk about Austrian Economics, it’s like he has a real fetish for it. Him talking about the “Austrian Economics School” could be the world’s worst porno.

Michael: You can be as childishly snide as you want, but Austrian Economics would have prevented this recession. And the Ron Paul revolution–if he’d been elected in 2008–would have stopped it by now.

Brody: It’s kind-of ironic that Ron Paul’s supporters keep calling him “Revolutionary” but they don’t want him called extreme. A little contradictory no?

Michael: No.

Brody: I guess the problem I have with Paul is that he’s not really as different as his supporters make him out to be. I wish I thought he was truly as revolutionary as they do, but I don’t. The problem with politics is corporate money has flooded the system and he isn’t as concerned with that as he is taking money away from poor people.

End Note: We’ll continue the second half of this debate next week. Needless to say, this last comment might not go over so well.

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