Petty Issues: You’ll Just Have to Click Inside to Find Out (and, You Know, Clicking On an Ad Wouldn’t Kill You)

By | January 17, 2013

[Note About the Title: I kid, I kid…sort-of…]

The FBI arrested 30 Italian mobsters in New York this week, in connection with their “grip” on the waste-disposal business. Yeah, that’s great FBI, once again you’ve shit on a mob that barely exists anymore…now how about some Russian organized crime and maybe, you know, some hispanic gangs as well? Hmmm, too tough for you?

France is now fighting militants in Mali, and in retaliation an Al-Qaeda linked group kidnapped 41 foreigners (including 7 Americans) on an oil pipeline in Algeria. Good news, for all those afraid America might not have a middle-eastern war to meddle in once we leave Afghanistan.

Jodie Foster came out at the Golden Globes (although if you watch it, it looks like it just about killed her to even hint at it) but really just launched into a ten minute ramble about her privacy and how much she doesn’t want to give it up. Uhhh, is there anybody out there really hounding Jodie Foster anymore? She hasn’t been the star of a movie in nearly a decade, and that’s why I was thrown by her announcement that she was considering retirement, because I thought she was already retired. It’s funny how people “consider retirement” when they’re nearly washed-up anyway.

President Obama decided to spin his wheels with some gun control legislation that will never pass either body of congress in a million years. I know he feels like he has to do something post-Newton massacre, but this may be the most hopeless thing he’s ever taken on, and is a little disappointing to people (like me) that thought he might mark out some clear, winnable goals for his second term. Alternative energy is looking more and more necessary every-single-day, and I think that would sure be a better use of time in his last four years…

Asshole of the Week: Rupert Murdoch, who wondered on Twitter if a 400 pound woman got that way because she ate too much on Food Stamps and Welfare. Man, right when I pick Glenn Beck as my Rich Asshole of the Month, an even better candidate comes along…oh well, there’s still 11 more months in the year…

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