Now What?: What’s Your “Leap” This Year?

By | February 29, 2012

Every so often—-as in every other day—-I like to run a puff piece, and today I’m especially fascinated with Leap Day. Leap Day just so happens to be one of my favorite holidays even if it doesn’t include getting out of work or school, and most people shamefully chose to let it go to waste.

They don’t believe, as I do, that Leap Day has any special properties or is the luckiest day of every fourth year. They don’t celebrate an extra, miraculous day by skydiving or buying lottery tickets or opening a small business. And they might think it’s just a coincidence North Korea decided to give up their world-threatening nuclear program on Leap Day. [If you don’t believe in any other Leap Day miracle, believe that it took a miracle to convince those crazy bastards to do what’s right.]

Still, I don’t think anyone wants to waste a day that could, could be so potentially lucky. Even if you don’t believe it, just do something you’ve always wanted to do anyway. Think of it as a second New Year’s Day but instead of resolutions denying yourself—-no desserts, cut back on carbs, quit smoking—-you’re going all out instead.

It could be something simple like trying a weird looking restaurant you’ve been curious about. Something a little more meaningful like going to the top of a skyscraper to get over your fear of heights. Or even something life changing, such as starting a small business. If you were going to start one around this time of year anyway, I can’t think of a better opening day than today.

Whatever you do, just don’t do the same thing you would do on any Wednesday. After all, it’s not just any Wednesday that comes around once every four years.

3 thoughts on “Now What?: What’s Your “Leap” This Year?

  1. Alabama Liberal Post author

    That’s great for both of you. Obviously it worked out for Educated Man and Gracy is still alive to comment on here, so her leap went okay. Good for you two.

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