No, Trumpers Were Not the “Silent Majority,” People Were Just Afraid of Them

By | November 6, 2020

Everyone who’s not in a militia: “Why are Trumpers so surprised that they did not win? More specifically, that they are not the majority?”

They don’t want to admit this, and have deluded themselves into believing it, fully aided by a rightwing media that sells them a lie that they are the “Silent Majority” despite not winning the popular vote in 7 out of the last 8 Presidential elections. [Also, people that are the silent majority do not actively fight to have as few voters as possible.]

These people just spent a year (or four) telling us that Trumpers were the silent majority, and people were simply “afraid” to say they were for Trump.

The reality is that there were old ladies in the South talking about how they couldn’t put up Biden signs without someone defacing their property or keying their cars.

They do not want to accept that a man who did not win in 2016 (lost by three million popular votes), has never had polled in the majority of the country’s support, and was not beating Biden in polls all year—well, somehow that same person just lost by 4 (and counting) votes. Gee, how’d that happen?

It is no surprise that people who believe QAnon, Pizzagate, Hunter Biden’s laptop-palooza, “Obamagate,” CoVid hoax theories, Sandy Hook hoax theories, Biden had Seal Team 6 killed to cover up Bin Laden still being alive, etc. …It’s no surprise those same people would believe their ringleader is a hell of a lot more popular than he’s ever really been.

They don’t believe this because “the media” is making up polls (like all the conservative blogs declared after Trump was not beaten by 10 million votes instead of 5 million votes), and everyone they know in person agrees with them…or so they think…

Trumpers are a very, very LOUD and threatening minority who intimidate people into agreeing with them in person.

—like running Biden’s Texas campaign bus off the road

—like barging into the Detroit vote counting center to demand “Stop the Count”

—like shutting down a bridge in New York a few days before the election

—like Cesar Sayoc trying to blow up half the Democratic Party

—like showing up in state houses across America to demand they stop the shutdowns for CoVid

—like the ENDLESS people getting thrown out of CostCo or wherever for refusing to wear face masks

—like a Michigan militia trying to kidnap Governor (and Trump-target) Gretchen Whitmer, and Trumpers still chanting “Lock Her Up” at his rallies

—like Dr. Fauci receiving credible death threats

—like Steve Bannon saying only yesterday that Dr. Fauci and FBI Director Kevin Wray should be executed

—like Newt Gingrich saying Bill Barr should have poll workers arrested and seize all remaining votes

These people are NUTS, and I can’t blame people for not wanting to argue with these loons in person, but just quietly voting out their Dear Leader. Which is what every poll in America has said would happen for the entirety of 2020.

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