No, Mitt Romney is Not a RINO–He’s Just Not Part of Trump’s Cult

By | December 7, 2020

Typical Trump dumb ass: “Mitt Romney is practically a RINO. He never votes with the Republican Party.”

Check this out

Compare: Mitt Romney (R-Utah) and Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.)

Compare: Mitt Romney (R-Utah) and Cory Booker (D-N.J.)

Now you can go to that website and see that Mitt Romney votes with fellow Republican senators in the range of 92 to 95%. [I picked a handful at random to test this.] …For example, Lindsey Graham is 92% and Mitch McConnell is 93%.

He votes with the Democratic Senators about 13% to 37%. [I also picked a handful of Senators to test this, Sherrod Brown being the most similar out of the random sampling. Elizabeth Warren being the least.]

Bernie Sanders—the most progressive Senator—was at a staggeringly low 12% which is almost impossible.

When people say things like “Mitt Romney is a half-assed Democrat,” they are profoundly ignorant of the facts.

Mitt Romney was the Republican nominee before Trump. He is a devout Mormon. He does not even drink coffee (caffeine is forbidden by Mormons, those rascals). When he says “curse” words, he says “cheese and crackers” or something similar.

To be honest, Mitt Romney is what a lot of liberals picture when they think the word “Republican,” a CEO country club type who is more than a little square and ultra-white.

But Mitt Romney also wants to at least attempt to follow the law.

His ultra-Mormon background that won’t let him say shit or drink Coca-Cola also prevents him for turning a gouged-eye to a total criminal like Trump, the most criminally-inclined POTUS in US history.

He cannot square his beliefs with supporting a man whose charity was dissolved for fraud, university dissolved for fraud, had three separate campaign mangers go to jail for different crimes, had his personal attorney jailed for paying hush money to porn stars, had his closest political advisor (Stone) go to jail for crimes also committed on his behalf, hates the IRS (because he’s a tax cheat), hates the FBI (because he’s a criminal), hates the CIA (because he’s a Russian asset whose campaign had eight separate people in contact with Russia during 2016), has threatened NY state multiple times if they don’t stop investigating him, has said he has potential blackmail on a US Senator and said this in a press briefing as a “warning,” has fired any remotely independent member of the justice department (James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Jeff Sessions), and was impeached for crimes there are literal recordings of.

He just can’t look at Trump and not feel sick to his stomach.

But I could see where hypocrite Evangelical voters—who have completely turned a blind eye to Trump’s abhorrent behavior—would not recognize a man that’s actually religious as anything but a “traitor.”

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