Neither Hillary (Nor Her Supporters) Are “Sexist”

By | February 9, 2016

We’ve seen a great number of hyperbole and hysteria in this (seemingly) never-ending primary season. [George R. R. Martin was right, Winter will last for years.] Still, perhaps nothing has been as greatly misrepresented or faux-outraged over than the ridiculous assertion that Hillary Clinton is somehow sexist towards women.

It “started” with Madeleine Albright and Gloria Steinham’s recent comments that women who don’t vote for the first female president are going to hell and that young female Bernie supporters were there for the boys, respectively. Of course, neither of those statements was actually said by Hillary, but that doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Then Bill Clinton called out the rampant sexism in Bernie Sander’s campaign from his supporters and even some of his staffers…and some called that sexist. So apparently even addressing gender or gender discrimination at all is “sexist” but this seems to apply solely in the context of Hillary’s campaign against Bernie. The same Bernie fans probably wouldn’t be arguing if this were all directed at Hillary’s general election fight against Donald Trump. In fact, they’d probably be agreeing with her.

So now we’ve officially hit the “baseless attack” portion of the campaign. Well, to be technically accurate Donald Trump started out his campaign that way, but the Democrats are just now catching up. And in this bizarre universe feminist icons like Gloria Steinham and Madeleine Albright are sexists who talk down to women while Susan “I don’t vote with my vagina” Sarandon is bold and courageous…for “righteously” combating the scourge of thinking women can’t vote for a male president? How brave of you, Ms. Sarandon. How is this in any way not doing what women have done for the last 100 years? If only a champion of women’s equality like Steinham were “intelligent” enough to see Sarandon’s just belief in voting for men.

Although it is worth nothing that Bernie has said nothing to quiet “the Bernie Bros.” until it recently started to cost him support. He only said something two days ago after staying quiet for months. But to a Bernie fan the only campaign that’s sexist is the one that’s openly talking about gender, and not the one that’s desperate to change the conversation. I’ve heard “outrage” over the comments of Steinham and Albright—neither of which is the candidate herself, she didn’t actually say anything—but relative crickets about the pervasive attacks from Bernie’s rabid base of angry young males. [Not all of whom are entirely drawn to his campaign because of their love of progressivism.] In fact, these are usually the first ones to say “this isn’t about gender!” as they work ferociously to keep the first woman president out of The White House.

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