Needless to Say, Hillary Clinton is Beyond “Qualified” to be President

By | April 7, 2016

This article won’t be very long. Recently, Bernie Sanders—-auditioning for the role of “distant relative everybody is a little disappointed showed up to the family reunion”—-decided to keep destroying his legacy by hammering Hillary harder than he has in the past. He even said she was not “qualified” to be president, even though everybody pretty much universally agrees she’d be the most qualified first-term president in history.

Now to any pundit with a pair of working eyes or ears, Bernie’s attacks seem to be a classic case of “too little, too late.” Bernie has already lost the Democratic primary: Hillary has more than 75% of the delegates she needs to win, and can probably wrap this up by May 17th’s Kentucky primary. Even if it takes all the way until June 7th—and please God, don’t let it—there’s very, very little doubt that she’ll win the nomination, and almost no chance he’ll be able to get enough delegates to win it outright. His last hail mary would be to get super-delegates to switch their pledges, but I wouldn’t bet my house, car, or even pocket change on that outcome.

The fact that Bernie’s best play to the nomination is to basically do a complete 180 on super-delegates—who he used to call vote-vampires and crony capitalists and machine politicians striving to subvert Democracy, and now hopes will subvert Democracy in favor of him—really tells you something about the depths his campaign has sunk to from their once-lofty heights of Democratic Revolution. They now seem to be less saviors of McGovern/Dukasis/Mondale idealism than “business as usual” politicians, which perhaps only surprises Bernie’s core fans…most of whom will have to wait until Bernie fails to walk on water to even notice the difference.

Like most political slams, the attack says less about Hillary than it does Bernie. Think of it as the kind-of fat kid who goes after the really fat kid: maybe they’re compensating for something. The way your opponent chooses to go after you says a little bit about who you are: if you’re weak, they’ll use it; if your personal life’s a mess, they’ll use it; if you’re an idiot, they’ll see if America even cares. But it also says just as much about the person attacking you: if they slam you for being weak, they’re probably a little authoritarian or rash; if they go after your personal life, they may not be a very good person; and if they attack you as stupid, they’ll feel as disappointed in America as Al Gore and John Kerry did when nobody really cared.

I don’t think the Junior Senator from the 2nd least populated state in America is really in the best position to say someone else is unqualified to be President. [Apparently Vermont has only slightly more people who want to live there than Wyoming and actually¬†less¬†willing participants than Alaska.] However, if qualifications and experience are your thing I do have a former First Lady (of both Governor’s mansion and White House), senator, and Secretary of State. You know, if someone who has state, federal, and executive branch government experience is something you might like.

One thought on “Needless to Say, Hillary Clinton is Beyond “Qualified” to be President

  1. Jimmy

    If she is not qualified, I would love to know what he thinks HIS qualifications might be.
    What a crock!
    Good article!

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