Movie Review: An Inconvenient Sequel

By | August 17, 2017

How discouraging it is that on the day I choose to review “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power” Twitter is trending “The Other Inconvenient Truth” with anything they want to talk about (racism, Russia, Trump of course, microaggressions, sexism, etc.) and in that moment I almost felt how Al Gore must on a daily basis, talking about the extinction of the planet while most people don’t give a damn. Is Charlottesville as big a deal as global warming? No, but it’ll receive 100,000-times the mentions climate crisis does. Many of “Sequel”‘s best scenes involve Gore, the tireless advocate, wondering how on Earth he can get a senate panel or a press conference or even an MSNBC interview to give two damns about the man-made end of the world. In those lonely moments, he must feel a little like Jon Snow, uninterested in the squabbles of man when death is literally marching in.

What Works: This is the film of 2017 people should see, and need to see, but saying that makes it sound a little like broccoli “it’s good for you, you need it!” Of course, I also don’t feel the need to do what other reviewers do and practically beg people to watch it by saying “it’s not boring! It’s riveting! Try it!” Look, broccoli is broccoli, not Chinese food or pizza or ice cream, but that’s what you need sometimes, you nutrition-deprived bastards. But I will say that even though the first “An Inconvenient Truth” was largely just a slideshow–although people watch TED talks, so why not watch it?–this one does have a plot, beautiful sequences on glaciers, and political wheeling and dealing to get India to join the Paris Climate Accords. And one of the most heartbreaking sequences of the year is watching all Gore goes through (behind-the-scenes) to get every major country on Earth to sign on to the Paris Climate Agreement, and then watch Trump, blunderer-in-chief back out of it a year or so later.

What Doesn’t: [For the first time in Alabama Liberal history, this part will be left blank]

What I Would Have Done Differently: Nope, I’m not giving people even one-tenth of a reason not to watch this documentary. I’ve seen people try to weasel out of talking about climate crisis so many times, it kind-of disgusts me at this point, and I’ll just say, officially, and on the record “This film is perfect. You do not have a reason not to watch it. It is the Citizen Kane of documentaries. Do not weasel out of it. Do not look for reasons to, just watch.”

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