Live-Blogging Yet ANOTHER Goddamn Debate…

By | February 4, 2016

6:15…Sorry I’m coming to the party late, but this Democratic debate was something of a surprise to me. Especially since they just had a “Town Hall” last night…

6:17…Hillary came to play today.

6:17…Goes after Bernie by saying “he doesn’t think Obama, Biden, me, or anyone else in congress is progressive enough. Who’s left?”

6:20…Rachel Maddow lays out a case that Bernie isn’t really a Democrat, and has repeatedly hurt Democrats by running against them in Vermont.

6:22…Bernie says he’s been a Democrat for years, but his wikipedia page says 2015. Before that he was an independent.

6:24…Bernie is asked why his co-workers in the Senate and most Vermont politicians aren’t supporting him. He says “my co-workers don’t like me because I’m anti-establishment.” Ted Cruz’s words are coming out of his mouth.

6:28…Hillary is finally sick of this “She’s a secret Republican” bullshit. She’s ready tonight.

6:30…Commercial break, as the candidates wipe the blood off their gloves.

6:36…Back from commercial…

6:38…Bernie is asked why he didn’t publically finance his campaign if he believes in keeping money out of politics.

6:39…Bernie basically says that he could raise more money from individual donations.

6:40…”I’m keeping big money out of politics…give me another 20 million in January please!”

6:43…Bernie talks again about breaking up the big banks. Which, of course, would do nothing to stop hedge fund fraud, shady mortgage brokers, payday loans, title loans, etc.

6:45…Hillary says “break-up the banks” is too simplistic and goes into how the problems might start with credit lenders before Wall Street buys the shit loans.

6:50…They get into foreign affairs.

6:51…Wait for it, Bernie will bring up Hillary’s Iraq Vote. Wait for it…

6:53…Boom! “Hillary voted for Iraq”

6:55…Foreign affairs is clearly not Bernie’s strong suit.

7:01…Bernie is asked about his lack of foreign policy interest. How can he possibly shoehorn “Break the banks” or “Hillary voted for Iraq” into this answer?

7:06…I started taking a shot every time Bernie defers a foreign policy question with “Hillary voted for Iraq.” I can now barely see the keyboard…

7:08…Bernie is clearly uncomfortable on foreign policy. “Please, let’s get back to Wall Street attacks!”

7:12…Hillary gives informative, nuanced answer about Iraq and what to do. No wonder she’s doing so poorly.

7:15…I’m kind-of bored now…are we really going to have a daily debate?

7:26…They keep asking Bernie how he can win a general election. His response is basically that he’ll be so damn popular that Dems will re-win congress if he’s the nominee. I want his drugs.

7:29…Hillary refuses to directly say Bernie won’t win the nomination. Only saying that she’s the stronger candidate.

7:31…Bernie is asked about attacking Hillary over her emails, then says he’ll never do it. I guess he just doesn’t want to do it to her face.

7:33…They ask Bernie about his staffers dirty tricks. He downplays it, but when someone I know gave Hillary $10 they started getting daily emails from Sanders’ campaign. Clearly, she’s been hacked.

7:35…They ask Hillary if she’d like to comment on it. She says “no.”

7:39…They come back from commercial with a juicy question about the death penalty.

7:42…Mostly boring answers though. Looks like death penalty is just not going to be at the heart of this overall 2016 campaign.

7:44…They ask about Flint poisoning.

7:50…A very good question to Bernie Sanders about how his not supporting any trade deals would indirectly benefit China.

7:51…He talks about trade deals that give permission to offshoring jobs. Uhhh…trade deals don’t give permission since corporations can offshore those jobs with or without permission.

7:55…Enough of these Mickey Mouse questions, all I really need to know is: how are you going to make the Oscars more diverse?

7:56…They ask if each candidate would accept the other as a running mate. They dodge this, but I do wonder who Bernie would choose: Oscar the Grouch, Cornell West, or Larry David?

7:58…Another debate finished, but nobody asked about my most important question: Coke Vs. Pepsi? Are my emails getting through to the moderators?

8:02…Last night, it was a town hall on CNN. Tonight, a debate on MSNBC. Tomorrow, awkward cocktails on Bravo.

8:04…Regardless of your candidate, this was an actually good debate. Neil Cavuto’s notes: “How do they ask questions without Ted Cruz’s balls in their mouth?”

8:07…Good job by the moderators. I hope Fox News was taking notes.

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