Libertarian/Career Politician Paul Ryan Advocates “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” Economics

By | August 15, 2012

Ever since his announcement as Romney’s VP selection—–which I still maintain as a poor pick, as noted in last Saturday’s editorial about it—–Paul Ryan has been under increased scrutiny in the eyes of “moderates.” “Moderates” being another word for the people that have never heard of him, since Republicans, Democrats, and people that actually follow politics have been all-too-familiar with him for years now.

To Republicans he’s a hero. An advocate of the kind of slash-and-burn economics they’ve long maintained would make the country “better.” Does laying off massive government jobs increase unemployment? Absolutely. Does privatizing social security and Medicare sort-of defeat the whole point? Yep. Would dismantling the social safety net actually add to the deficit as half our nation’s seniors (for one example) fall below poverty line? Sigh, also yes. And yet they still maintain that it’s the alpha-and-omega path to prosperity, and Paul Ryan is at the forefront of the (political) Sherman’s March the Tea Party wants to do through the capital.

In their eyes, government is baaaaaad, taxes are evil, paying for things is even more evil (hence no new taxes), and “cutting costs” (a bloodless term for ruining the one third of our economy made up by the public sector) deserves a hallelujah. For congressional Republicans, Paul Ryan is their “ideological leader” in that he’s ripped off every thought in his head from Ayn Rand and Libertarianism. He’s the architect of “the Paul Ryan budget” that would cripple this country by making such serious cuts—–if not outright privatization—–of social security, Medicare, and the entire social safety net. So basically all the things that make him a villain to Democrats.

And yet, what so few people on the right seem to notice is that Ryan is actually a monster hypocrite. He’s not so much an advocate of Trickle Down Economics as he is “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” Economics. The man is a career politician who’s never had a serious job in the private sector. He comes from a moneyed family that was able to buy him his first congressional election in the early 90’s.

The simple fact that the man who’s for cutting taxes has spent nearly his entire professional career getting PAID by taxes is the height of hypocrisy. That a man advocating such serious, crippling cuts to government has actually never known anything but government work, and is unwilling to make those same heavy cutbacks to his own salary is the definition of irony. And that’s why Paul Ryan is the personification of fakery.

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