Is Project Lincoln More Effective Than Actual Democratic Groups?

By | December 3, 2020

Is the best Super-PAC for Democrats actually run by Republicans? I would argue that “The Lincoln Project” is certainly more effective than whatever idiot came up with “Defund the Police.”

But why is that?

Because the Lincoln Project is made up of some of the Republican dirty tricksters like Rick Wilson. [It’s much less clear to me that people like Michael Steele have been helpful or will continue even being on the Democratic side after Trump leaves.]

Wilson is the kind-of guy I would hate before he joined the Lincoln Project, and now hope the Democrats give him anything he wants to keep going. He has a singular talent for campaigning, strategy, and appealing to the core of voters, meaning he knows that they vote with their gut a lot more than Elizabeth Warren-esque 100 page plans and spreadsheets of facts.

He knows that—to be honest—most voters are stupid, and you have to talk to them at their level.

The Republicans have had better strategy and campaigning apparatuses since forever. Even though Democrats have a better message, Republicans have vastly better messaging, and the Lincoln Project is made up of some of the people who understand the difference.

Also, a lot of the Lincoln Project ads were negative, which is a lot more effective. Most Democratic candidates refuse to go negative, and leave the “fear mongering” lane entirely to the Republicans—and then usually lose.

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