Is Melania Trump a Red Sparrow?

Has Melania Trump been sent by Moscow authorities to seduce Donald Trump? Does anyone else find her background (supposedly ex-prostitute Trump literally picked out of a catalogue) and the way they met a little fishy? Almost as if Trump had her placed in his path by Russian authorities?

And then there’s the fact that Stephanie Wolcott (Melania’s ex-best friend and perhaps only friend…until she wasn’t) wrote a tell-all saying some very weird things about Melania.

To me, one of the oddest tidbits was that Melania made it a point to never talk about Barron Trump in front of her.

It’s weird as hell.

Now everyone is saying things like “it shows good judgment as Wolkoff is out there peddling information about Melania and writing books about everything Melania did.”

But that’s even weirder. Why stay in close contact with someone for 20 years that you don’t trust at all?

And who could’ve foreseen Wolkoff “turning” on a woman who had no right to suspect she’d become FLOTUS?

You’re going to know that when your son is born he’ll be the son of a President 15 (odd) years later, and that’s why you won’t share even mundane details about his existence with a woman you talk to all the time? Like it’s some kind-of state secret? They knew each other before Barron was even born and looooong before Trump ran for President or entered politics.

Also, if Melania felt comfortable making fun of Ivanka in front of Wolkoff (Wolcott said Melania dismissively called Ivanka “Princess” along with other power plays between them), why would it be so secretive to talk fondly about her own son?

Even if you don’t trust someone, it is very odd not to talk about your kids—even with your worst enemy, let alone someone you’re in regular contact with.

It’s the kind of thing a Russian spy does: always guarded, never trusting anyone, never revealing a single detail about even innocuous subjects (like your children), fiercely guarding something you actually love whereas most Western women post their kid’s every move to social media, and only furthers my belief that Melania is a Red Sparrow.

Donald Trump has been groomed to be President for a very long time by Russia, and Melania is his handler.

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    Your opinion, based on the circumstantial evidence, that Trump has been groomed for the presidency (by Russia) for a very long time, and Melania is his handler,

    I agree, Trump’s Russia Connection goes back decades, Putin has been dangling the Trump Tower Moscow carrot in front of his eyes but an inch out of reach for a very long time, I’ve been saying this to both of the people who will (sometimes) listen to me since the summer of 2016, for all the same reasons. The first big red flag I noticed was her “conspicuous invisibility,” her thundering silence, she does NOT want to be noticed, she wants to be ignored as much as possible, to be invisible as much as she can be she wants no avoidable attention.

    She is not happy, she has hard eyes, cold steely eyes. Her eyes are not happy, or loving, or friendly, some say the eyes are the windows of the soul. She was playing a very dangerous game as First Lady.

    I will qualify this, I do not have evidence to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that Melania is a honeypot, a sparrow, a Russian agent, Donald’s handler, but the circumstantial evidence sure looks like it.

    Trump is obviously Putin’s boy toy, at least figuratively, his dancing monkey, lap dog, his man in the White House. What better way to keep in contact than to have a Russian agent First Lady married to the Russian Agent President?

    Hiding in plain sight. And protected from too much investigation by the spousal privilege not to testify against your husband, or wife.

    I hope this becomes a movie someday, fictionalized of course, but “inspired by a true story.” At least, a probably true story. Well done, a political thriller called something like “Honey In The Pot” or “The Sparrow” or something like that might open a lot of eyes who, so far, have not imagined that such a thing could be.

  2. Alabama Liberal

    Absolutely Thomas

    She is the strangest FLOTUS in the history of the U.S., and doesn’t have normal, human reactions to most things.

    Like all the Russian bots who are quite easy to detect on social media (“Australians” who somehow have no interest in doing anything but spouting Russian propaganda on American social media), if someone really looks at Melania, she’s hiding in plain sight.

    I agree that that absolutely would be a great movie, and I wish Hollywood still made those great 70’s-style conspiracy thrillers.

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