Is Chris Christie Afraid to Go Home?

By | February 9, 2016

We just asked if Chris Christie was done in this race, now it’s time to wonder “Is he afraid to go home?”

Right before the New Hampshire primary, Christie said “I’m going to South Carolina even if we place 6th in New Hampshire.” Yet he now seems to have changed his mind since he may very well place 7th, behind Fiorina. [He must be feeling a lot like The Good Wife’s Peter Florrick right now. He should remember what the great Margo Martindale’s Ruth said after Peter lost Iowa “A governor going home after a loss has a target on his back.”]

But that previous “even if I place 6th” statement was a stunning sign of confidence for a guy who has no real shot at the nomination, and even he probably knows it. He spent most of last week on Kamikaze attacks on Rubio. And they did work with Rubio damaged by a humiliating debate performance, and a stunningly bad showing in New Hampshire. Though they didn’t seem to help Christie at all.

And it makes you wonder why he’d even want to continue this presidential run. Santorum, Huckabee, Gilmore, and Jeb can all continue their embarrassing runs since they’re out of office. I mean, Santorum is pretty much looking for an excuse to hang out at Day’s Inns and beg for money anyway. Plus, it’s not like Carly Fiorina or Ben Carson really have a lot going on right now. But Christie actually is supposed to be the Governor of New Jersey, and you have to wonder if a state can forever do without its Governor so he can be the last man in several primary states.

Is Christie just afraid to go home? The people of New Jersey seem to be fed up with him, and he’s not very popular there right now. In trying to shed his “RINO” image for the Republican primary, he’s pretty much had to advocate a ton of stuff that they hate, and this is a guy who wasn’t very popular there before he started running. [“Bridgegate” seems to be shorthand for a Governor known as petty and thuggish.] Maybe the blue-state of New Jersey has had it with a mafia-like GOP Governor who has moved to the far-right on nearly every issue. And maybe they have good reason to five him a frosty reception when (or if) he comes home.

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