Interview with Nigerian Activist Omolola Adele-Oso

By | May 13, 2016


Today’s audio interview is Nigerian Activist Omolola Adele-Oso as she talks about the under-mentioned Boko Haram’s deadly tactics, Nigerian corruption, the new President’s attempts to turn things around, the “Resource Curse,” and so much more. Some solid topics are brought up, as well as Lola’s work for Act4Accountability her group working to raise awareness to Nigeria’s problems. Listen in…

2 thoughts on “Interview with Nigerian Activist Omolola Adele-Oso

  1. Jill

    Nigeria has so many problems that most of us don’t know about. Thank you for shedding light on this.

  2. Nani

    The Biggest problem with a lot of African counties is that they are a me society. Change can only come about if they stand together to eradicate corruption and violence.

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