If Joe Biden Had Done What Trump Just Attempted, Trumpers Would Be Killing People

By | November 25, 2020

“If Joe Biden had tried to steal the election as Trump just clearly attempted, would Trump’s base be going nuts with violence?”

No question

And we know this because of the way they acted during 2000 (bum rushing the Florida recount stations in Miami). And that was merely a legal recount of an incredibly close race—nothing like what we’re seeing Trump doing: putting pressure on Michigan officials to not certify the vote, filing dozens of frivolous lawsuits all over the country, floating the idea of the electoral college picking Trump anyway, million MAGA march meant to intimidate people, “Stop the Steal” campaign, refusing to allow Biden to have the daily security briefing and access to the government funds for the transition, saying the majority of Biden’s votes are fake, trying to get black votes in inner-cities disqualified, demanding the Georgia Secretary of State resign because he wouldn’t fix the vote for him, firing his own cybersecurity and elections chief Chris Krebs merely for saying that there was no election fraud, and screaming from the top of his lungs that the election was “fixed” before, during, and after the election.

Historical fact: EVERY time the electoral college has been different than the popular vote, it has benefitted the Republican candidate (Quincy Adams, Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, Bush, Trump) over the Democratic candidate. That is why you have seen Republicans so resistant to changing something that makes no sense. But if they ever won the popular vote but lost the electoral college? “Burn it down! Burn it all down!”

I want people to really stop and think about the Republican Party over the decades: Nixon authorizes a break-in on his Democratic opponent’s headquarters, Reagan makes a deal with Iran not to release the hostages until after the election to hurt Carter, Bill Clinton impeached over a BJ, Al Gore denied a lawful recount (the documentary “537 Votes” shows the full extent of Republican dirty tricks), Republicans refusing to believe Obama is legitimate (“Birtherism” and then Trump saying the 2012 vote was “rigged” against Romney), and Hillary winning the popular vote by three million people in 2016 but still losing.

Now we have a case where Biden has won by 6 million popular votes and the electoral college, but Trump is fighting like hell to get the EC to overturn that result. …Even when/if he’s unsuccessful, it’s doubtful he’ll ever concede the race, and a good chunk of the Republican voters/Senators will pretend Biden is illegitimate for four years.

Biden is trying to turn the page and unite the country, but his transition team has been blocked at every turn, he’s not receiving the daily security briefing (Clinton allowed Bush to have it during the 2000 confusion), he’s not been allowed to meet with the CoVid task force, Trump has fired his own cybersecurity and elections chief (Chris Krieb) merely for saying there wasn’t voter fraud, and that cowardly, closeted weasel Lindsey Graham is slithering around the country trying to get Republican Secretaries of State to throw out Biden votes.

This is bullshit and it should make anyone with two brain cells and a love of Democracy sick to their stomach.

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