Good Arguments for Joe Biden (to Use Against Trump’s Troll Army)

By | September 10, 2020

I’ve seen many people say things like “What is a good reason I should vote for Joe Biden? And do NOT just say ‘because he’s not Donald Trump.'”

Well, of course, the way this answer is framed, I don’t believe there’s a single reason I could give you that would persuade you. [And it’s also revealing that these are Trump fans since they’re not only acting like you should convince them, but trying to dictate the exact way you should do it.]

To me, this just looks like a question for Trump’s troll army (almost exclusively white males) to come in and tear apart any pro-Biden argument, and we’ve heard it all before. BUT here is the reality of what you could say in rebuttal…

Pro-Biden argument: “Well I like Biden’s experience and that he’ll know the job on Day 1” …Trump’s troll army: “Are you kidding me?! 40 years in the senate and all our problems weren’t fixed! How can you call that a record!” …Reality: Uhhh, well, nearly everything was better while Obama was POTUS and I’d take the Obama years back in a heartbeat over the daily American carnage happening now, but I guess it’s true that we weren’t all given a personal unicorn while Biden was in the senate.

Pro-Biden argument: “I love that Biden is a good man who shows respect and decency. He’ll restore honor to the White House” …Trump’s troll army: “That’s only if he lives. Old man Biden has dementia and will die 6 weeks into his term. Plus, he groped a lot of women.” …Reality: Trump is only 3 years younger than Biden, and it is hilariously hypocritical that he chooses “mental fitness” to go after Biden for when anyone can watch his speeches, interviews, or read his tweets to tell something’s not right there. …And groping women? You don’t even want to get into Trump’s background: married three times, dozens of sexual assault allegations, hush money to porn stars, pals with Epstein, wants to screw his own daughter, several pedophile comments, drawn to very young women, peeping tom at his beauty pageants, Melania might be a former prostitute, “grab ’em by the p****,” …I mean, really? That’s the hill you want to die on?

Pro-Biden argument: “I love Biden’s great ideas and that he can work with Republicans” …Trump’s troll army: “Joe Biden is a radical communist puppet of BLM and anti-fa!” …Reality: Joe Biden is a centrist who was repeatedly dinged in the primaries for “working with segregationists,” not being liberal enough, refusing to say “defund the police,” and being good friends with John McCain. If you actually do care about bi-partisanship, you should vote for him. Plus, all the groups Republicans pretend to fear (the far left) will grow more powerful if a centrist like Biden loses the WH in 2020. If they were really that afraid of the far left groups, they’d pick Biden over Trump, since it’s clear Trump feeds off of anti-fa and needs them to create chaos in order to push people into his arms.

Pro-Biden argument: “Joe Biden is a good man, who will have a capable, competent administration of professional around him”…Trump’s troll army: “Joe Biden is the most corrupt man to ever live!” …Reality: Trump’s administration is the most corrupt and scandal-ridden and indicted in American history. This is not my opinion. This is a fact given the sheer number of his people that have gone to jail or been forced to resign due to corruption scandals (Ryan Zinke, Scott Pruitt). Even today, we have fresh corruption scandals for Steve Bannon and Seema Verma. It’s just so many I can’t tally them all.

Pro-Biden argument: “I like Joe Biden’s foreign policy experience and his commitment to America’s allies, and he’ll be tougher on America’s enemies” …Trump’s troll army: “Joe Biden is weak. All Democrats are weak. America first!” …Reality: Trump is the first American POTUS ever to be installed by a hostile foreign government. He has repeatedly praised America’s enemies, and alienated our allies. He has repeatedly asked America’s enemies for help (Russia hacking Hillary’s emails in 2016, the phone calls he was impeached over for this year’s election). There is a reason that so many military and intelligence officials have endorsed Biden, including many Republicans.

And then dismantling the only two pro-Trump arguments…

–“Trump is a great businessman. Biden will be bad for the economy.”…On what planet can someone say this with a straight face? The Bob Woodward interview proves that Trump knew the risks of Coronavirus and went ahead and downplayed it anyway. He is personally responsible for tanking the American economy with an awful unemployment rate, dozens of major retail bankruptcies (everything from Chuck E. Cheese to Brooks Brothers), shutdowns that have gone on longer than any other country because he refuses to show leadership and a coordinated federal response, not putting pressure on senate Republicans to approve a second stimulus, changing his mind daily on economic matters and coronavirus fighting methods, pumping bogus cures like hydroxychloroquine, and this is all the last six months.

Even before Coronavirus, his economy was far from stable due to trade wars (that he eventually folded on), the most unpopular tax cut in American history, a battered retail sector (even before CV), and blasting his own Federal Reserve Chairman (Jerome Powell) that he appointed. Even with stocks, the sectors where he meddled most directly (agriculture, retail, manufacturing, and car companies not named Tesla) were all down and the stock market gains were largely tech companies that he had nothing to do with.

–“Trump is for law and order. Biden will have chaos in the streets.”…Most of the clips Republicans have shown about a Biden dystopia are from Trump’s time in office. They seem very worried about BLM and anti-fa, but those groups have gotten nothing but bigger under Trump. Anti-fa exists as a reaction to Trump. During Obama, there were many protest groups (Occupy Wall Street, and even BLM itself), but they showed no penchant for rioting like they have during Trump’s last few months in office.

Also, it’s a little strange that the “law and order” POTUS is at war with the FBI, has had the most indicted and jailed administration in history, been impeached for asking foreign governments for election help, refuses to release his taxes, has been sued 1,200 times in civil court (usually for cheating people), ran a Ponzi scheme during the 2016 campaign (Trump University), has had too many corruption scandals to even tally, has said he would not accept the results of this year’s election if he loses, tried to dismantle the Post Office so he could cheat his way into a second term, constantly sucks up to or idolizes America’s enemies while showing distrust of his own intelligence agencies, does not seem to actually know what the law is or does not care, thrives on chaos, bragged about obstruction of justice to Lester Holt, has encouraged his followers not to follow local laws like face masks, encourages militias, feeds off rioters or uses them for political gain, got Herman Cain killed by asking him not to wear a face mask during Tulsa rally, has encouraged violence or vigilantes on a dozen occasions, and may very well attempt to start a civil war when he loses reelection.

There is no reason to vote for Trump…none.

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