“Get Out” IS Racist, but Towards Interracial Couples

By | February 27, 2017

The buzz and controversy of “Get Out” is deafening, but the few–too few–criticisms the movie appears to be getting is that it’s anti-white or racist towards white people.

I don’t really believe that, and there’s little in this movie that hasn’t been in “Machete” or Blaxploitation films, but the film is anti-interracial couples and in that way white racists will probably love this movie. Especially, since the specific critique of this film is white liberals who love Obama or brag about how racially enlightened they are, so that openly-black-hating racists can delight in the “hypocrisy” of social media liberals posting on how racist Trump is.

Now I already know what detractors will say: “But Jordan Peele has a white wife you moron!”

Yes, Jordan Peele’s mother is white. And his wife (comedian Chelsea Peretti, too often called “that white girl” in arguments I’ve had about this movie) is white. And his comedy partner Keegan Michael Key has a white mother and a white wife. And that may seem like the perfect rebuttal to any criticism this film gets for a singularly awful, stereotype-feuled portrayal of white women/black men relationships.

But absolutely nothing on-screen would make you believe the director was remotely sympathetic to ww/bm couples or doesn’t believe the stereotypes about them.

So why would he make a movie like this? A movie where old white people are hijacking the bodies of black people so they can live forever. [Combining elements from “The Skeleton Key” and old zombie movies.] A movie where the “honey trap” to ensnare black men (and one woman) into a living hell of subservience or “acting white” is a devilish “white girl” (played by picture-frame beautiful Alison Williams as the white princess of black men’s dreams). A movie where the nefarious “white girl” and her family are socially conditioning and even hypnotizing black men by pretending to make common-cause with them. A movie where the lead character has a conspiracy-prone best friend who turns out to be right, seemingly validating any ignorant opinion a message board troll has ever had towards interracial couples.

Yes, I know Peele has said he based this film off of anxiety he faced towards meeting Peretti’s father, but Chelsea has said in her stand-up that her dad’s second wife was black, and his current wife is Indian. His own personal history seems to fly in the face of stereotypes black men/white women couples face, and his doom and gloom take is based more off cultural stereotypes.

So why make a movie that could only make things harder for black men/white women couples? A type of couple you would think he’s pretty invested in…

I think Jordan Peele is very, very strange–as evidenced by him repeatedly referred to as Key and Peele’s “darker half” and the bizarre, macabre twists a lot of latter-season Key and Peele sketches took–and is either subtly trolling people to get them to reveal their real feelings towards Interracial couples (as segregationist-minded black people and so-called white liberals on social media have already done) or is working out the type of sadomasochistic fantasy that fuels 1000s of “watch a stranger fuck my wife” porno sites. Either that or he’s just putting career above what he actually believes since he knows it’s hard to get films with positive portrayals of interracial couples made or he’s just tired of black women giving him shit for liking white women, and he thinks this movie will get them to leave him alone by showing he’s “woke.”

What I don’t believe for a second is that he wasn’t aware of how this movie positively reinforces stereotypes black men/white women couples face–“black men who date white women are less black,” “white families will never really accept you,” “white women are literally stealing black men.”

He clearly has heard these stereotypes repeatedly and decided to base an entire film off putting a white brain in a black guy’s body as an allegory for the “brainwashing” the minority half of interracial couples receives–much to the delight of people openly hostile to interracial couples.

You think this stuff doesn’t matter? “It’s only a movie.” Then how come so many (most of them black) on social media are using it as an excuse to bash interracial couples? How come it’s been proven countless times that media portayals affect the way people feel about real-life couples? [Like media portrayals of LGBT characters from “Will and Grace” to “Modern Family” affecting gay marriage, and likewise “Moonlight” was celebrated as pushing back against black homophobia.] And how come the same people saying that are saying this film is anti-racist and in some way positive for black people in real life?

Either media portrayals don’t matter at all, and liberals have wasted their lives on #Oscarssowhite or white-washing of Asian characters or wondering why Disney movies have no gay characters or arguing over “The Matrix” role in school shootings or negative portrayals of black people. Or they definitely matter–as literally every study ever done on this has revealed–and interracial couples are just openly demonized in TV/Film in a way no other group is, and that’s largely because those other groups are so much more vocal. It’s time to finally start pushing back, and that includes being confrontational with those promoting stereotypes. Because the things I saw written on Twitter this weekend regarding interracial couples wouldn’t be tolerated for literally any other type of relationship.

6 thoughts on ““Get Out” IS Racist, but Towards Interracial Couples

  1. Mustafa

    I agree. This movie seems more anti-black than anything. A lot of smug looking white couples afterwards. I predict that interracial couples will be harassed with “Get out” as they walk past. I can’t understand why people think this movie is good for race relations or good for PoC. This movies is bad for minorities.

  2. Alabama Liberal

    Mustafa: Yes! People always say “how can you say white racists will love this movie when it’s against white racists?” But is it really? The movie’s real targets seem to be white liberals that liked Obama (which alt-right people hate) and black men/white women couples (which racists REALLY hate). The biggest thing white racists don’t like is the “mixing” of the races and so if they have to sit through a movie that says “old white people putting their brains in young black people is bad” to get to an anti-interracial couple message, they’ll gladly take one over the other.

    As for people harassing interracial couples, you’ve already seen a lot of black people that aren’t so IR-friendly practically gloating that the movie will break up a lot of IR couples.

  3. Kayla Mikesell

    I am in a interracical relationship (white woman) and I definitely think that the biggest affect will be on IR relationships. We saw it in theaters and when the lights came on, we both looked at eachother and we agreed that we have never felt so awkward and umcomfotable. I turned to get up and the three rows of seats behind us all staring at me with disgust. As i did this, people below us told him to leave the relationship. When he stood up people were shaking there heads and staring. We held hands and walked out together, a woman behind said, “He should reconsider his options” and they all agreed and said more than i couldnt quite hear. After words he said when people looked at him he said that he felt there looks were of “Genuine concern.” We got in the car and just sat there in silence for a while and then we talked about how friends, other people, and social media have said that this movie is an exagerated but a “real” depction of life and even IR relationships.. We both agreed that it wasnt and that we dont know if we liked the movie or not. We already get enough comments, looks and more for being an IR couple but i defiantly dont think this helped at all. The more people see it and make judgments the worse that people will bash on IR couples.. But we are a strong couple and it in no way affected the way we see each other, just made us really uncomfortble and awkward.

  4. Alabama Liberal

    Kayla: That bothers the hell out of me, and you’re not the only person who’s had that reaction. One thing that’s disturbing is how openly people that don’t like IR couples have taken to this film, and I have seen black women from NYC to LA talking about how it’ll “wake black men up.” It plays into a lot of the stereotypes IR couples have to face on a daily basis, and it’ll reinforce them if anything. “Black men who date white women are less black” or they’re being brainwashed is a common complaint from the ignorant who probably don’t like IR couples for their own reasons.

    Few people ever talk about the subtle (or occasionally explicit) discrimination interracial couples face, and how open people feel expressing their displeasure with black/white couples especially. I have seen people that are otherwise liberal on literally everything be against IR couples or people that always speak out on abuses towards minority groups that stay very quiet when it’s IR couples getting dumped on. And Hollywood–which currently does not have A SINGLE positive, black/white married couple on television–has done absolutely nothing to help with this. The negative portrayals of black/white couples (either one is villainous or one dies or they break up eventually) are reinforcing this problem at a particularly difficult time.

  5. Kayla Mikesell

    Alabma liberal: Thank you! Honestly it just helps knowing that other people out there are aware and im not the only one who sees how crazy the things that people say are. It just makes me sad that two people who are in love will be juged diffrently because of there race, that it as seen as untrue, or that im ” taking advantage of him” or ” using him.” Its honestly so sad..I dont’t ever really know if the sterotype of IR couples will ever change, but im hoping that people will see the way i love my relatinship and him, and thats what matters

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