Fast Food Critic: Watermelon Oreos

By | July 17, 2013

For a limited time only, Oreo is releasing these beauties, which use a golden (vanilla wafer) oreo cookie instead of a chocolate one and a pink and green filling twisted into the shape of the inside of a watermelon.

While You’re Eating Them: They’re basically a Starburst sandwiched in-between two Teddy Grahams.

After You’re Done: Sickness…no surprise right? I’m pretty sure there’s nothing found in nature that is pink, green, and tastes like a bag of compressed Skittles in between two ice-cream cone tasting cookies.

Impotence Level…Minimal, there’s no drastic salt content, although it will probably depress your senses overall so you won’t feel like you’re in the sexiest mood.

Heart Attack Level (on a 1 to a 5) : 2…Honestly, this may be one of the healthier items I’ve reviewed here, which is saying something because they don’t have a single nutritional aspect.

One thought on “Fast Food Critic: Watermelon Oreos

  1. Sky Owens

    I don’t really know if I will try on e of those but it sound kind of good.

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