Don’t Let Trump’s Base LIE About Biden’s Mental Fitness

By | September 22, 2020

It is hilariously hypocritical that Trump’s base makes Biden sound like a puppet. We all know Trump goofs around at Mar-a-Lago or on Twitter; is the only POTUS other than Reagan to suffer actual cognitive mental decline; and has no government knowledge, experience, or interest.

There’s a reason Coronavirus has claimed 200K American lives and our response has been deemed the worst in the world: Trump has no capacity for actually governing. That’s why he let each state governor or city mayor set their own CV standards and that has been disastrous.

But it was clear that he did not want to deal with it or did not know HOW to deal with it. We’ve even seen countless reports that WH officials say that talking to Trump was like “talking to a little kid” (General Kelly) or that Trump is a “dumbass” (Rex Tillerson). The Lincoln Project recently ran an ad where a WH staffer told a story where Trump was supposed to make a decision on cruise ships in the time of Coronavirus but he was obsessed with talking about Tucker Carlson, and spent 45 minutes bad mouthing Tucker Carlson and asking “who would call him” to complaint about his coverage the night before.

His federal government has been missing in action (like cabinet heads who don’t even believe in the agencies they head such as Scott Pruitt, Betsy DeVos, Rick Perry, Ben Carson), and his supporters may like that (they hate the government) but it is objectively not working out for everyone else.

It’s just funny to me that people who are okay with a President who hasn’t staffed key state department people and ambassadorships or a fully functioning cabinet are “terribly concerned” that Biden can’t do the job.

This is Trump’s base trying to have it both ways. In 2016, it was “Hillary is TOO ambitious, she’s a schemer, she’s a devil, she’s killed people, she…is…evil.” And now that they have a sweet old man that they can’t (wrongly) paint as evil incarnate, they’re saying he’s too sweet and old to do the job.

One thought on “Don’t Let Trump’s Base LIE About Biden’s Mental Fitness

  1. Mike

    Trump has no capacity for actually governing is the actual truth. He doesn’t want to govern and help this country. Only concern is for himself and how he looks. I can’t take much more of 2020. Emmy party that was a make believe New Year’s party was spot on. Let’s get this awful year over.

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