Clinton and Trump are the Nominees, Get Over It

By | March 16, 2016

In an article written a few days ago, I said March 15th would definitively tell us who would win the primaries. People scoffed, and I’m not one to say “I told you so” but Alabama Liberal’s election predictions are usually better than the ones people are paying big money to get on other media outlets, so it’s hard not to enjoy this.

Still, there are the “election deniers” that are becoming as delusional as climate crisis hoaxers and Obama Birthers. These people might tell us that Ted Cruz can still win (fat chance), Bernie Sanders can stage a–you guessed it–“revolution” (no chance), or John Kasich can still take it (hahahahaha). None of that will happen, and where’s why…[Cracks knuckles]

Bernie Can’t Win…He would have to win an impossible 58% of the delegates that are left. Since the Democrats do all their states proportionally, it’s virtually impossible he’ll win every state that’s left by 58% of the vote. And this is all without taking into account those pesky super-delegates that don’t like him at all since he’s not a real Democrat. Now sure, his fans tell super-delegate conspiracy theories like they’re going out of style because, increasingly, they are now that it’s clear Bernie won’t be winning in pledged delegates either. Plus, Hillary has won the popular vote, and her momentum all but guarantees she’ll finish with it too. Not to mention she’s won all the purple states from Nevada and Iowa to the big three of Virginia, Ohio, and Florida. Mark March 15th down as the day she won the race, and the day Bernie officially became the new Ralph Nader by refusing to accept reality. His fans are only going to waste more money on a campaign to nowhere, and the ultimate irony is that Bernie now resembles a lot of the Wall Street/Ponzi Scheme fraudsters he hates.

Ted Cruz Can’t Win…This is the most debatable point, but Ted can’t win. Why? Because people hate him. No really, they do. They hate him in North Carolina (which he didn’t win), and Illinois (which he didn’t win), and possibly Missouri when they finally figure out who won. [How relieved is Missouri to be in the national news for a government breakdown that isn’t caused by a race-riot?] He’d have to win more than two/thirds of the delegates that are left, and that’s impossible. Why? Tonight Ted was shut-out in some states that should have been possible wins, and his path is only getting worse as he heads to New England states in April that won’t go for him. The guy did make a big deal of insulting “New York values” so I don’t think too many of their 95 delegates will be going his way.

John Kasich Can’t Win…Literally…It’s literally impossible for John Kasich to win the nomination in delegates. You need 1,237 and he has less than 150 with less than 1,100 left. Even if he won 100% of remaining delegates, he wouldn’t have enough. His refusal to quit this race will go from “hopeful” to “joke” in a few weeks. Once people realize that he’s not “in it to win it” so much as to be chosen in a deceitful, brokered convention, I think it’ll destroy his sham image as the “nice guy from O-hi-o” for good.

A Brokered Convention Can’t Win…Trump’s only opponent now is himself, as the real race is between whether he can get enough delegates to avoid a brokered convention. His message between now and the end of this never-ending primary should be all about the evils of a brokered convention where Washington “steals” an election away from the will of the people. He’s got to educate people on the impossibility of Cruz or Kasich winning any other way, which is not easy for Trump since he wants his fans as dumb as possible. Still, if he can properly highlight the math and play on Republican hatred of shady “washington backroom deals that subvert the will of the people” then the rest of this race should be a cake walk. Of course, it should be one anyway since New Jersey, New York, California, and a bunch of New England states are what’s left. Plus, Republicans have been historically likely to side with whoever they think the winner will be. They don’t really do long, drawn-out contests and especially ones with delegate-dead challengers like Cruz and Kasich.

In closing, it’s Trump and Clinton. You can kick. You can scream. You can hurl names on social media, and curse the evils of math and reality. They are the nominees. Get used to them. Get ready for them. Get over it.

28 thoughts on “Clinton and Trump are the Nominees, Get Over It

  1. Bryson

    I think that all you people make good points, but get over it. My name is Bryson, piece out!

  2. Andrew Smith

    They are the two biggest ones at the moment, so it should come down to them.

  3. Victoria

    This article is great.I would read another review like this.

  4. April

    The article was great! It gave good information. Clinton and Trump are the most well known right now.

  5. Nathan Douglas

    Good information and a great point. It’s like these are the only two people right now.

  6. Carlos Franco

    It is true one of these two people will win, but I think that these two people are so immature. Our nation will be messed up with these people guiding our nation.

  7. Osbaldo

    This article is great there should be more like this one

  8. Daniel

    I do believe that one will win , but who ever it is will either bring this country up or down and as of now it looks like both of them are no good.

  9. Jill

    Sadly, it’s true. I guess now we just have to chose the lesser of the evils. Our country is doomed!

  10. Hunter Harris

    I do thick that the front runners at this moment in time will be in the final election because they have been in the front since the beginning!!!

  11. Grace

    This article has a good point. Trump and Clinton have really always been the ones on top and I think that one of the two are going to win.

  12. Tania Rios

    Very true. We all know that only one is going to win.

  13. Deqlyn

    I think that the front runners at this moment in time will be in the final election; because they have been in the front since the beginning. Also with the front runners being who they are, who knows how it is going to go to .

  14. Tania Rios

    They are both nominees get over it we cant do anything about it

  15. THANIA

    Nobody can do anything about this so all of yall just get over it!

  16. Isabela Merida

    This is true,but there’s only gonna be one winner……we’ll just see who..!!!

  17. ryan

    Young Metro don’t trust Trump he said it himself.

  18. Daniel

    This is all true, but the question is who will win.

  19. Lucas

    There are very interesting people running for president.

  20. Gavin Terrell

    I honestly don’t care if they are nominees, I still don’t like them.

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