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What Would a Tulsi Gabbard Presidency Look Like?

Okay, so Tulsi Gabbard isn’t even remotely in the top 5, and if you want serious predictions, please check out the other articles in this series… –Dosvedanya comrades. “I can see Russia from my White House…because this is Putin’s summer home.” Vladimir Putin would very quickly reabsorb Ukraine, and Gabbard wouldn’t lift a finger to… Read More »

What Would a Pete Buttigieg Presidency Look Like?

This is probably the biggest mystery of all the candidates. While Warren and Bernie have been crystal clear about most of their progressive plans, and center-leftist Biden has given every indication of what he’ll do (hint: not much), Buttigieg is taking a slightly more mysterious, Clinton-esque route. He has detailed, pragmatic plans on most things… Read More »

What Would a Michael Bloomberg Presidency Look Like?

Well, now that Kamala Harris is out of the race, Michael Bloomberg is technically “in the top 5” of Democratic candidates…and a deal is a deal, I’ll now talk a little bit about what an extremely-unlikely Michael Bloomberg Presidency would look like… –No surprise, the “Great Bi-Partisan Dream” Does Not Materialize. The single biggest selling… Read More »