Are There Ever Really “Undecided” Voters?

By | November 15, 2020

The undecided voter is a little bit like the Loch Ness Monster: often heard of, but rarely seen.

Every election cycle, we see endless appeals to that 10% that says they’re undecided (and this cycle it was closer to 3% even pretending to be). If they actually exist, they’d be enough to sway any Presidential election and easily win states as close as Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and even Florida.

But do they actually exist? Personally, I’m skeptical…

A lot of Americans like to pretend they are more open minded than they really are. Malcolm Gladwell and the “Freakonomics” guys have entire chapters in their books about this.

Sometimes, they genuinely believe this, and that is a form of self-deception as much as anything. Like that person you know who looks at the restaurant menu for 20 minutes straight, but always gets the same damn thing.

You might see people say stuff like “I am not a Republican…” and then reveal that they have voted Republican in every election since the Reagan administration.

The liberal equivalent of that might be somebody who yaks your ear off about their lack of “enthusiasm” for Joe Biden…or Hillary Clinton before him…or Obama in 2012 because he didn’t live up to some obscure promise (in their minds)…or John Kerry in 2004…or Al Gore in 2000…

These are people who are NEVER happy, and usually don’t vote at all.

They like to talk…and talk…and talk, but their real choice is between not voting at all (which they usually do) or voting for a Democratic candidate who will disappoint them if they fall short of Gandhi or MLK, and then you’ll have to hear about every little thing that person didn’t do because “Undecided Andrew” blessed them with his vote that took 5 minutes. Meanwhile, other liberals are waiting 10 hours to vote, but let’s focus on the 1% of people who need to be “wooed” and probably won’t vote at all.

I can’t remember the last time I even felt like I had a real choice (most recent elections have been that obvious), let alone pretending to be undecided a week from an election that’s been going on for 2 years.

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