Alabama Liberal’s 6th Anniversary and Upcoming Features

By | February 7, 2017

February 7th 2011, a date that will live in infamy…just kidding, it was the official launch date of Alabama Liberal and I can honestly say it’s been a great six years. Sure, I’ve been slacking on some features—people most often ask for more Bubba’s Sex Tips, Sunday’s Sermons, Red State Vs. Blue State, and Mom Jokes–and have barely posted new Interviews with the Invisible, Working Class Economist, Now What? (Life Post-Grad), and The Fast Food Critic pieces in years. That’s unfortunate, and I’m sure the Trump administration will give me ample inspiration to get back into those features in the year ahead, but for now just a reminder that there are dozens of undiscovered gems in those archives…and if you want to pass any along to bigger blogs with my name attached feel free.

It’s true that it’s been easier for me to write movie reviews, tv reviews, and entertainment editorials (ironic, since they’re somewhat-dismissively filed under “Mindless Mondays”), and I mostly just file political pieces under “Larger Editorials” no matter what. I wish it weren’t the case that written articles are not as popular as they once were—boy, do I ever—and it weren’t so necessary to engage people on social media and newer platforms like video or audio, but I can’t fight the times forever.

For now, here’s a look at what you can expect in the short-term…

–The upcoming articles will have a specific focus: rebuilding the Democratic Party. Since the Democratic Party is inarguably worse off than when I started this blog six years ago–and it never feels right to leave something worse off than when you found it–it’s time to re-embrace this site’s mission of giving red state liberals an outlet to vent their frustration or, even better, share ideas on how to flip red states. It’s true that Alabama wasn’t always a haven of the Republican Party, and the next month or so’s articles will likely delve deeper into what the Democratic Party has done wrong, and how it can regain lost ground.

–New Episodes of 300 at 30 and–eventually–its conclusion. There will be 30 total episodes, and right now there have only been 18 published. The next four will specifically delve into the food cultures of the four places I’ve lived: South (Alabama), East (NYC), North (Minnesota), and West (Los Angeles). Even if I haven’t kept up with The Fast Food Critic, I haven’t abandoned trying to slim down red states and change eating habits, so follow along as the episodes after the next four will reveal how I lost 70 pounds in 3 months (last year), and I stupidly gained it back, and how I plan to re-lose the weight now.

–Sharing more of my YouTube channel. I’m not thrilled at the fact that I have several pretty good sub-channels inside the Alabama Liberal YouTube channel–my first short film “Falling Towers,” a “Movie Talk” series, “Big Questions” videos, and a ton of political impersonations and funny videos inside “In General,” not to mention the first ten episodes of the podcast with pictures–but none of them have really caught fire. Most of you may not consider it a positive development that I’ll be bombarding social media with videos, but the best way to stop me is to watch them.

–A renewed commitment to interviews, including my most desired person: political prisoner Don Siegelman. I’d love to interview Liberal Redneck Trae Crowder and some authors fighting the good fight, but I’m beyond thrilled that ex-Alabama Governor and political prisoner Don Siegelman is being released from jail soon. He’s at the very top of my interview wish list, and has been as long as this site’s been going (he’s been wrongly incarcerated as long as I’ve been doing this).

–Sadly…the end of a “A Year Long Conversation.” There are only two episodes left of the “A Year Long Conversation” podcast. We are truly grateful to our fans, and want to remind people that it’s not too late to catch up on the first 48 episodes before 50 arrives. The last ten are on ITunes, and all 48 are posted right here on Alabama Liberal’s podcast section. You might also want to drop by the YouTube section and see the hilarious first 10 episodes complete with David Hasselhoff’s cringe-worthy but absolutely-fitting performance of “Looking For Freedom” selected by my co-host Blue in Alabama’s Michael.

For all these reasons and more, I think this may turn out to be the best year yet in our history, and it’s certainly the most important. A sincere thanks to my long-time readers, listeners, watchers, and a sincere welcome to any new visitors looking for a place to fight back against a power-mad, rising GOP.

Thank you,

Brody…a.k.a. Alabama Liberal

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