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The Worst (Movie) Mothers of All Time

There have been so many bad movie mothers that it’s hard to know where to begin with a list like this, so I tried to focus less on “bad moms” and more on “Bad Mothers.” What’s the difference? A “Bad Mother” is serious business and severe, possibly played by Nicole Kidman, and definitely representative of… Read More »

Why “Moonlight” is Really Good, but “La La Land” is Better

Quick Note About Last Night’s Oscars: I nailed literally all the big categories except Best Picture, correctly predicting Mahershala Ali, Viola Davis, Emma Stone, Casey Affleck, Moonlight’s Best Adapted Screenplay, Manchester by the Sea’s Best Original Screenplay, Zootopia, and Damien Chazelle’s Best Director win. So some of this post may be affected by “Moonlight” screwing up my prediction… Read More »

Oscar Predictions: Who Will Be Nominated…AND Win

Note: I can usually predict about 4 out of 5 nominees and 2/3rds of winners, for whatever that’s worth in your Oscar betting pool. The rankings are how sure I am they’ll be nominated (so the 4th or 5th placers may very well not make the cut) and the top choice is who I think will… Read More »