Episode 93–The Menpire Strikes Back: Uncle Thomas & The Supreme Cult

It’s Church 1, State 0 as Alabama Liberal takes a look at the Supreme Inquisition’s latest erosion of the separation between church and state. Along the way, he makes a case that “state’s rights” arguments are usually wrong, the term “Uncle Tom” should be replaced with “Clarence Thomas,” most anti-abortion people don’t really give a damn about kids (and there’s more than a little bit of jealousy fueling them), the rightwing narrative that “liberals moving to the South” are what’s turning it blue is a fantasy, and that people constantly talking up the Constitution have no real respect for its revolutionary spirit and probably wouldn’t like Thomas Jefferson very much if they actually knew him.

Alabama Liberal
Alabama Liberal
Episode 93--The Menpire Strikes Back: Uncle Thomas & The Supreme Cult

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