Episode 89–National Response Scenario 6: Toxic Industrial Chemicals

By | January 28, 2022

In his long-awaited 89th episode (and the end of the quintet of episodes around large, often-ignored issues), Alabama Liberal looks at the enormous difference between how CoVid is treated and how toxic industrial chemicals polluting humanity are treated. Many questions are asked like: Why don’t people care more about “Forever Chemicals” in their bloodstream? Do people really like non-stick pans and flame-retardant furniture that much? Will the “Blue States vs. Red States” dynamic on CoVid ever end? Why are most adult Americans taking some form of drugs? What are the parallels between 911 and CoVid response? How different is the CoVid response in California than Alabama? And more…

Alabama Liberal
Alabama Liberal
Episode 89--National Response Scenario 6: Toxic Industrial Chemicals

2 thoughts on “Episode 89–National Response Scenario 6: Toxic Industrial Chemicals

  1. Jenny

    Very interesting podcast. And “yes” why don’t we want to know more about chemicals in everything. I work in a lab at the local hospital and the machine water has to be filtered for the machines and it is the exact water that we all drink. If the water is not filtered then it shuts the machine down. Great read and makes you really think……

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