Episode 85–The End of Work? OR The End of Money?

By | June 1, 2021

Alabama Liberal takes a deep dive into the future of the economy, labor, and even money. In this episode, he explores Universal Basic income, Modern Monetary Theory, if automation will really be so bad, plantation economics, why the South is so conservative economically, if economic conservatives are now more out-of-control than social conservatives, why people are worried about socialism at a time when we’ve never been less socialist, if CoVid has thrown the work-life balance out of whack, overworked and underpaid Americans, various abuses in the labor market, who really started trickle down economics, and if Americans can really take themselves out of the economic food chain–envisioning what a world beyond work (or money) might look like?

Alabama Liberal
Alabama Liberal
Episode 85--The End of Work? OR The End of Money?

One thought on “Episode 85–The End of Work? OR The End of Money?

  1. Jeremy

    Great article. You need to be on TV and explain some things like this.

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