Episode 78–Fatherhood [Think of the Children]

By | November 1, 2020

In his final pitch to voters, an emotional Alabama Liberal thinks about his parents, his kids, and the future of kids in America…

Alabama Liberal
Episode 78--Fatherhood [Think of the Children]

One thought on “Episode 78–Fatherhood [Think of the Children]

  1. Maegan

    I was looking for a podcast that speaks to liberal viewpoints without bashing conservative viewpoints. Didn’t find it here, either. Given we are of the same generation, I did have similar viewpoints as you in many things. Where we differ: thinking this comparison game is in the best interest of our country. Oh, and possibly on the idea that either side of our bipolar government is capable of, much less interested in, propelling the American people. Way too much special interest in both sides for that. Wish me luck in finding a way to listen to both sides without having to hate anyone 😂

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