Episode 77–The Pricktatorship, Gender Drain, Destination Abortions, Pretty Privilege, Ms. NBC vs. Fox News, and More

By | October 21, 2020

In this jam-packed episode involving rural men, gender, and modern masculinity (some of it the toxic variety), Alabama Liberal tries to break the record for the most topics covered.

He traces the connections between The Pricktatorship, the Trumps hiding of Barron, gender drain, Trump’s largest demographic (white men) and why they’re so angry, pretty privilege, bogus “state’s rights” arguments against abortion, that everything from segregation to anti-abortion has really been about control, how harmful the patriarchy is for men as well, the Fox News obsession with hot blondes and AOC, why TV antiheroes might’ve paved the way for Trump, and so much more…

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