Episode 74–Cultural Grievances + Sunk Cost Fallacy = Trump’s Base

By | September 28, 2020

In a wide ranging episode, Alabama Liberal dives deep into Trump’s base and creates an unusual theory on their motivations for backing a man the majority of the country can see is a criminal, con man, aspiring tyrant, etc. Popular myths are debunked, such as “Trump’s people are afraid to openly support him and that makes them hard to poll,” “Trump is the law and order POTUS,” that anyone supports the Republicans for economic reasons, or that a retiree in a MAGA hat has some special insight into Trump that “Never Trump” Republicans (including people who actually worked in his administration) don’t. Plus, a lot more (including a warning on the seductiveness of white victimhood or Christian persecution fantasies) in this strong episode…

Alabama Liberal
Episode 74--Cultural Grievances + Sunk Cost Fallacy = Trump's Base

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