Episode 70–Trump is Afraid of Biden; What Else Matters?

By | June 23, 2020

In this episode, Alabama Liberal gives his prediction on how each big purple state will vote, how Trump has “no real line of attack” against Biden that won’t backfire, and who Joe Biden should pick as his running mate. He also takes on the “enthusiasm gap” for Biden, by making an airtight case that Biden is clearly the one Trump is most afraid of, and what else really matters?

3 thoughts on “Episode 70–Trump is Afraid of Biden; What Else Matters?

  1. Sam

    Any person that doesn’t see the crazy in the White House needs to look back at history. We have never had such a nut as POTUS. Please wake up.

  2. John

    Great article and please vote Biden. We can’t take 4more crazy ass years.

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