Episode 69–Trumpageddon, is he Bringing on Biblical Plagues?

By | May 29, 2020

In this single-topic episode, Alabama Liberal floats the idea that Trump (the luckiest mofo on the planet) made a literal deal with the devil and now the Biblical plagues have started as a result from race riots to natural disasters to Asian murder hornets/Cicadas and, of course, the deadliest worldwide virus in decades.

Alabama Liberal
Alabama Liberal
Episode 69--Trumpageddon, is he Bringing on Biblical Plagues?

4 thoughts on “Episode 69–Trumpageddon, is he Bringing on Biblical Plagues?

  1. Torrie

    You are right that he has dodged what most can not. I can not understand how some people can think he is a great president. My third graders have a higher IQ than he does.

  2. Chris

    He is a lucky Mother. Just watched the Jeffery Epstein on Netflix and Trump is right there with him. Would really like to know if he really hung himself or didn’t need to rat on Trump.
    Great podcast and keep them coming.

  3. Alabama Liberal

    Thank you for the kind comments! …I also seriously doubt that Jeffrey Epstein killed himself.

  4. Jennifer

    If he has ever even opened a bible…… yes, we can not take 4 more years of Trump’s nonsense. We need a leader!
    Thank you for all of your articles. We need to see you on TV with your ideas. Bill Maher wake up!

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