Episode 48–Is America Still Great?

For our last episode during Obama’s presidency (sniff, sniff, I’m not crying–it’s just raining…on my face), we look into globalism. What’s America’s place in the world now and how do we stack up militarily, economically, environmentally, technologically, and education-wise? The results may not be all good but at least we have Meryl Streep. Suck it, France. By trying to explore both sides of the globalism debate we ask difficult questions: Why does Brody like the TPP but not NAFTA? What is the white working class that lost manufacturing jobs going to do next? Did you ever think you would see a Republican President have to deny being pissed-on by Russian hookers? And where do honest fears of being left behind in a global economy end and xenophobia begin?

Alabama Liberal
Alabama Liberal
Episode 48--Is America Still Great?

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