Episode 44–Why Are We Democrats?

By | November 1, 2016

In the last episode before we finally know who the 45th President will be (hint, starts with an H and ends with an illary Clinton), we rally the troops by talking about why we’re Democrats. Burning questions include: seriously, how did two guys from Alabama wind up as Democrats? How will each swing state vote and will Floridians feed Democratic ballots to gators? What are the top three issues each of us care about? What’s the core difference between Democrats and Republicans? Why do Democrats now treat Bill Clinton like he’s Strom Thurmond? Will Trump give the bigglyest, classiest, most huuuge concession speech or a paranoid, armed-revolution-inciting rant or announcing for a new casino where “everyone is a winner that can be treated like a President?”

Alabama Liberal
Alabama Liberal
Episode 44--Why Are We Democrats?

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