Episode 41–What is Corruption? And Free Don Siegelman

We spend the first half of the episode making sense of Big Don’s implosion, tallying the numerous scandals and recapping his second debate performance. Then we ask “What is Corruption?” in 2016, and notice that a lot of American corruption seems to be how corruption is prosecuted and investigated in the first place–i.e. along party lines–before launching an impassioned plea to Free Don Siegelman. Questions asked (and mostly answered): why is Paul Ryan having an existential crisis? Did Billy Bush bring down Trump on behalf of his uncles? Is a desperate Trump actually good for Democrats? Have Super-PACs led to a system of such open bribery that it’s now hard to say what corruption really is? Why won’t Obama pardon Siegelman? And is Don Siegelman an American political prisoner? [The answer to the last one is “yes.”]

Alabama Liberal
Alabama Liberal
Episode 41--What is Corruption? And Free Don Siegelman

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