Episode 4–Are Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump Flip Sides of the Same Coin?

By | January 26, 2016

In Episode 4, Alabama Liberal and Blue in Alabama ask burning questions like: Can Martin O’Malley get his own wife’s vote? Why do most Democrats spell Obama e-b-o-l-a and how surprising is it that Hillary is the one defending him? Does Ted Cruz’s own dog like him? And why do young feminists think a “Game of Thrones” rape depiction is more important than an actual female president? And then we tread dangerous waters in the episode’s main theme: Are Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders knowingly promising things they can’t deliver because they poll well? Why can’t Dems see through Bernie’s stump speech? And will Bernie’s Ron Paul-like fan base come after us with pitch forks or torches or some combination of the two?

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