Episode 36–In Defense of Teachers [The Education Episode]

By | September 10, 2016

In one of our best episodes yet, Brody and Michael go deep on a topic often discussed, but rarely understood: education. Questions are asked (and answered) like: why are teacher’s unions the most misunderstood organizations in America? Why are they so often scapegoated for education’s ills? Why are Charter Schools a “cure” that’s worse than the disease? What’s it really like to teach a classroom of kids? Why is 6th grade the worst age group to teach? What the hell does a Social Sciences coordinator do and why do they get paid more than the actual teacher? Why should “No Child Left Behind” be thrown in a trash can? Would getting rid of “Common Core” just lead to more inequality? Can lack of education lead to genetic poverty? Michael talks his teaching experiences from rough inner-city schools to conservative Charter ones. Brody explains what’s really wrong with education, the three P’s–politicians, public administrators, and parents, and what an “underwater degree” is. And an end note about his son starting preschool, and how education inequality is really the beginning of income inequality and American inequality.

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