Episode 34–Do We Need a Revolution? And the Third Party Myth

By | September 5, 2016

In the final part of our “Sacred Cows” trilogy, we ask “Do We Need a Revolution?” and explore Bernie’s, Trump’s, Obama’s, and even Hillary’s revolutions, and wonder if things ever really change or our battles are echoes of the past. Why do some Trump fans seem okay with nuclear apocalypse? Are third parties only appealing because they can’t win? Would becoming President be the worst thing that could happen to Bernie? Is casual talk of “Revolution” an American privilege? And a special Labor Day segment on how the Reagan Revolution may have ended the middleclass, that takes on the loathsome “contractor economy,” Uber-driver wage slaves that think they’re freer, endless unpaid internships, and how the dream of being rich blinded people to the reality that they were becoming poor…

Alabama Liberal
Alabama Liberal
Episode 34--Do We Need a Revolution? And the Third Party Myth

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