Episode 33–We Need to Talk About Islam

By | August 31, 2016

In the middle part of our “sacred cows” trilogy, we talk about Islam in what may be our most explosive (pun intended) podcast yet. Trying to get past the phony extremes of both parties, we try to strike a middle-ground between a ridiculous outright ban of Muslims or neocon warmongering and unconvincing liberal denials that the Islamic world isn’t too religiously devout. Amoung the many burning questions asked and (sort-of) answered: is it the culture or the religion? Is there connective tissue between Jihadist and Islamist movements? Was Muhammed a good person? Why are criticisms of Islam treated differently than ones of other religions? Does terrorism act as a protective smokescreen for bigger problems within the religion? Why can’t people (on both sides) separate the ideology from the people? Was the Pre-Islamic Middle-East better off? And does Islam need a reformation, a moderation, or just an ending?

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