Episode 30–But Seriously, Can Trump Win?

By | August 7, 2016

Trying to cut through all the noise we look at the biggest question in the three months between now and election day: “but seriously, does Donald Trump have a shot in hell at becoming President?” We break down where Trump’s support (or lack of) is coming from, why some people associate his name with success, the Trump “brand” that has evolved from 80’s excess to presidential candidate, and why lack of business support may be the biggest setback for any Republican presidential candidate, especially the curious case of why other old white male billionaires aren’t getting behind him. We also look at the only three ways Trump could pull off an upset, and–spoiler alert–none of them are positive things for America…

One thought on “Episode 30–But Seriously, Can Trump Win?

  1. Mary, Mary quite contrary

    Not sure. Do we want to find out?

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