Episode 27–What is an American? [The Immigration Episode]

By | July 4, 2016

In the second part of our trilogy we talk about immigration in a way that is fitting for the 4th of July. In a wide-ranging episode we talk Brexit, Trump (unfortunately), how immigration fears are not uniquely American, how England outside of London is really Connecticut in the 50’s, if other countries are more xenophobic than us, what deporting 11 million people would really be like, the nightmare process of legal immigration, the un-liberal argumentĀ forĀ illegal immigrant’s bad wages, the global rise of “mercenary citizenship,” China’s “fuck the foreigners” history, and a personal story of how Alabama’s strict immigration laws hurt our hometown. Finally, it’s just a stirring podcast of what it is to be an American and why you should be proud to call yourself one. Listen in…

Alabama Liberal
Alabama Liberal
Episode 27--What is an American? [The Immigration Episode]

2 thoughts on “Episode 27–What is an American? [The Immigration Episode]

  1. Frank

    We want the third part from you commie bastards!

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