Episode 26–Guns

By | June 23, 2016

In the first part of a G.I.A. trilogy (guns, immigration, abortion) we face off over guns and gun control, and I guarantee you’ve never heard a gun debate like this before. [I.e. we actually have experience with guns unlike most of the media.] We talk assault weapons bans, Orlando, freedom vs. safety, pragmatism vs. idealism, “gun addicts,” 3-D printed guns, Australia’s gun laws, how the military industrial complex and America’s lax gun laws are cousins, our own personal experiences with guns (like personally getting shot or buying a gun), angry young men, and our opinions on how to stop mass shootings. The simple questions of “How can Alabama Liberal defend the indefensible of lax gun laws? How can any liberal be against gun control?” leads to one of the most personal and solid episodes yet.

2 thoughts on “Episode 26–Guns

  1. Darcy

    Loved the podcast and you have some good ideas.
    If you ban certain guns they will just change a thing or two.
    Maybe we need to look closer at the ammo.
    Just saying.

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